Home Renovations

HOME REnovations Specialists

Are you thinking of remodeling your home? You have come to the right place. Armor Tek specializes in home remodeling including upgrades of kitchens and bathrooms. People remodel their homes for many reasons but two reasons stand out:

– Upgrades to increase property value.

– Renovations to meet their changing needs.

In terms of home renovations, we believe in the saying, “A man’s home is his castle”? It’s true that your home is your space and you are allowed to do whatever you please. But your home is truly your home if it is made the way you want it.  Armor Tek specializes in residential interior & exterior painting, home renovation & remodeling, and general contracting. 

We are a 5-Star, Veteran owned company serving San Diego since 2002.


All of our home renovations are performed by craftsmen who are passionate about the work they do. They have extensive experience, are meticulous, and are respectful of your vision and home. With Armor Tek, you are in good hands, we have the tools to create the home you are envisioning.

From open floor plans to personalized kitchens, we can remodel them for you. If you’re unsure what you want, we can help you choose the features based on your lifestyle. Growing families have different Home Renovation needs to be compared to those of young professionals or Empty Nesters. We can even suggest things that you didn’t realize were possible.

Are you concerned about costs? Not to worry, we partner with industry professionals to acquire quality and cost-effective components to complete your project without going over budget. Please contact us for a free in-home estimate. 

Home Renovations: Improving Your Living Space. Home renovations can breathe new life into your home and provide a fresh perspective on your living space. One of the main benefits of home renovations is increased functionality. Perhaps your family has grown, and your current space no longer accommodates your needs.