Are you thinking of remodeling your home? You have come to the right place. Armor Tek specializes in home remodeling including upgrades of kitchen and bathrooms. People remodel their home for many reasons but two reasons stand out:

– homeowner installs upgrades so they can increase property value.

– homeowner installs upgrades to match their changing needs.


For the most part, a home that is designed to meet your needs will be much more comfortable and enjoyable for you. The craftsmen at Armor Tek can help you improve your home so that you can make the most of your living spaces. Let’s plan your remodel together: simply explain to us your overall objective and we will give you ideas and options to achieve your goals within your budget.


The bathroom can be your mini sanctuary. It’s one of the only rooms where you can get complete privacy. Why not make it exactly the way you like it? Choose a luxurious claw-foot bathtub or splurge on a larger shower stall. His and her vanities along with soft lighting can go a long way to make your bathroom perfect.

Let Armor Tek help you remodel your home with the newest upgrades. Quality craftsmanship at affordable prices!


For many people, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is the one room where people like to gather to cook, to eat, and to connect. Because of this, homeowners like to upgrade their kitchen to make it their own. In terms of investment, kitchen renovations have the most bang for your buck. You can give your entire kitchen a facelift with a modest budget.