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Armor Tek is a highly referred and trusted home improvement contractor in San Diego. We help you with all aspects of repairs, preparation to final clean-up. Many people demo when they should be saving money & refurbishing…so DON’T WREK it, ARMOR TEK IT!

Armor Tek

Armor Tek Services is a full-service General Contractor whose goal is to work with our clients and trades in pushing our projects forward while delivering beautiful spaces. We specialize in residential remodels and service San Diego and the surrounding area. With over 20 years of experience, our team is relationship-driven and aims to provide a streamlined and cost-effective approach to our projects. Please call us today!


Armor Tek Craftmanship

Modern & Elegant

Have you ever heard of the saying, “A man’s home is his castle”? It’s true that your home is your space and you are allowed to do whatever you please. But your home is truly your home if it is made the way you want it. At Armor Tek, we specialize in custom home upgrades according to your specific needs and preferences.

Our Story

Our renovation process is achieved with highly trained and educated professionals that make up our team. We strive to create a pleasurable experience for our clients, involving them every step of the way.

Our Work

Our team is composed of team members who are passionate about the work they do. The craftsmen are experienced, meticulous, and respectful of your vision and of your home. You are in good hands, we have the tools to create the home you have always wanted and deserve.

Why Armor Tek?

Armor Tek


Our goal is to exceed your expectations in home remodeling and renovations. We welcome projects of all sizes meaning we can do as much or as little as you need and still deliver the best work possible.


We use the best quality materials that are the most cost-effective for your particular project. Our craftsmen are experienced and skilled; they make it their mission to stay on schedule and on budget.


Our team members have an eye for style and can create fresh, and modern living spaces. We will consider every aspect of size, lighting, color, patterns, and textures. We consider new and existing furniture.



We have earned several awards for our service-oriented work and are consistently ranked 5-STAR by our clients and A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We evaluate and monitor each aspect of your project to ensure the standards that have made Armor Tek great are being met.

TC Chesser, the company’s President, is a former Airborne Ranger and has held several senior-level Corporate Finance positions. Armor Tek is proudly involved in several local civic and philanthropic groups, such as Habitat for Humanity and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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