Specialty Energy Saving Paints“Green” and “eco-friendly” are the latest buzzword and they often means having elements that are good for the environment, or at least, not as damaging to the environment.  But shouldn’t your home encompasses more than just clean and sustainable materials? Armor Tek Coatings can help you find the best eco-friendly interior paint and exterior paint coatings in San Diego. Our special coatings include brands such as Tex-Cote that can help you reduce energy costs, eliminate odors, and get rid of organic compounds like molds that can make you sick.

Specialty Energy Saving Paints: a New Technology

The latest technology in Coating Systems have introduced revolutionary concepts in exterior wall coatings. Specially formulated exterior coatings designed to reflect the sun’s heat effectively creating Specialty Energy Saving Paints. This technology lowers exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees. Lower exterior temperatures means lower interior temperatures and this translate to lower use of air conditioning and ceiling fans.  Armor Tek uses the highest quality energy saving wall coatings.  Call us to get more information about our Specialty Energy Saving Paints: (858) 504-1001.

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