Additional Services

pic_projectSprayingIn addition to the conventional interior and exterior paint coatings, we offer additional services including staining and varnishing, concrete coloring, stucco alternatives, bathtub coatings, epoxy and other commercial grade floor coatings, non-slip safety floor coatings, chalkboard painting, glow-in-the-dark painting, pool and fountain coatings, and coatings to items you wouldn’t think you can paint, such as Formica counter tops and Melamine cabinetry.

Eco Friendly Paints

Color Consultation

colorHow colors project on large surfaces with varying light can be tricky. This can often result in what we call “paint color paralysis,” or the inability to make a decision on which paint color to use. That’s why we provide color consultation as one of our additional services.

Our professional color consultants use specific, scientific methods to determine perfect paint color palettes. The knowledge and understanding of seeing undertones, values and intensities and how all of these factors play off each other is the key to our success. Knowing how the eye perceives color and how color combinations ‘react’ to one another allows us translate what is imagined in your mind’s eye into a perfect paint color palette.

We can help you choose the right shade of paint based on your tastes and needs. Armor-tek consultants know style, so whether you prefer retro, modern, contemporary, Asian or old world, Armor Tek color consultants know how to select the perfect paint color palettes and decorative designs. No matter the kind of project–interior painting, exterior painting, or other remodeling needs–we can help you select the best coatings available. Please call us to learn more about our additional services.

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