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Armor Tek Coatings is the premier painting and coating specialist in San Diego. That’s why the majority of our business comes from referrals and satisfied returning customers. We don’t strive to be the largest or fastest growing company, we make it our priority to give our customers undivided attention and focus. Our customer-oriented attitude translates into providing a higher-quality product and a more enjoyable experience.  It’s all about customer service and excellent workmanship.

about Armor Tek Color ConsultationWhy use us for your Color Consultations?

It is not an easy task knowing how colors project on large surfaces with varying light.  This can often result in what we call “paint color paralysis” or the inability to make a decision on which paint color to use. Our professional consultants use specific, scientific methods to determine perfect paint color palettes.  The knowledge and understanding of seeing undertones, values and intensities and how all of these factors play off each other is the key to our success.
Knowing about how the eye perceives color and about how color combinations ‘react’ to one another allows us translate what is imagined in your mind’s eye into a perfect paint color palette. Whether your style is retro, modern, contemporary, Asian, or Old World, Armor Tek consultants know how to select the perfect paint color palettes for use in decorating your home or office.Color Wheel.


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